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Easter Holiday Planning

Easter Holiday Planning


Barely is the new year past and Easter Eggs have hopped their way onto the supermarket shelves. Plan your Easter festivities in advance, so you don’t have to hop around, getting your bunny ears in a knot, trying to get all your eggs in the basket. 
Whether you prefer a more traditional religious atmosphere, or you are doing the whole Easter Bunny vibe with your little ones, we have a stunning banner to greet your family and friends.

If you want to decorate, we have a wide range of options: latex helium balloons, streamers, bunting, paper tassels, an Easter Bunny themed pink foil door curtain, add some bunny ears head boppers, funky Easter Bunny glasses, or a full ears, tail and bow tie set, and you have the makings of a hopping Easter photo booth.
Set up an Easter Egg hunt – I used to put flour in a pair of fluffy woollen socks and hop around the house or garden, hiding eggs – that sneaky Bunny always knew when the kids were down for a nap, or had gone to the shop with dad. We have a lovely range of delicious easter eggs, small solid foiled eggs and bunnies, medium foiled hollow eggs, large foiled hollow eggs, foiled bunnies, bunnies in cellophane, and a giant 800g foiled bunny, we even have boxes that you can use to hold all the eggs you find.

Traditional Easter meals include roast lamb, fish, hot cross buns, and chocolate eggs (symbolising fertility and rebirth)
Whatever you plan to serve, we have tablecloths and tableware in assorted solid colours to suit any Easter feast. 

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